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Welcome to Drumchapel Tennis Clubs social tennis portal.

We are trying to get as many people actively playing from Clubs across Glasgow....

Ladders are currently configured for Men and Womens Club doubles, plus a Mixed Adult Singles community ladder.

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The ladder system is operated by Drumchapel Tennis Club (the Club) on behalf of its members and the other community tennis venues in Glasgow.

Doubles ladder matches should be played at courts operated by Drumchapel Tennis Club.

Singles may be played at any community venue in Glasgow (i.e. Drumchapel, Kelvingrove, Scotstoun, Gorbals, Queens Park).

The Club will accept no liability for any injury or losses incurred as a direct result of competing in any ladder competition.

The competition is open to age 18 and over and you confirm your understanding of this rule when you join the ladders.

The ladders are open to all participants who comply with the following conditions.

I agree to: